Smart wallet is gearing up!! Obvious product updates

12 JUL 2023
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Smart wallet is gearing up!! Obvious product updates

As we wrap up the second quarter of the year, we have some exciting updates to share with you all. In the second quarter of 2023, we focused on launching smart contract wallets based on account abstraction capabilities envisioned in EIP-4337. In this blog post, we will cover the key feature updates, user feedback, experiments, learnings, collaborations, and upcoming features.

Key Feature Updates

We have released several new features that will make your experience more enjoyable, efficient, and safer. Here are a few notable ones:

Smart Wallets

Smart wallets usher in a new paradigm by greatly simplifying user experience and improving wallet capabilities due to inherent programmability. More details here →

Swap USDC to DAI on polygon with 1 click
One click for both approve and sign, saves you time and effort

Pay gas in any token
Pay gas using any of the stables. Reserve your native tokens for stacking and staking


Refer your friends and get rewarded. We have currently discontinued this programme.

Refer obvious app to earn
Referral program

Refer obvious app to earn
Points redeemed

Transaction helpers

Get help with completing your transactions when you run into issues Obvious steps in to help you.

Transaction helper in the obvious app

zkEVM Support

Obvious now supports zkEVM - Polygon’s latest L2 ZK based EVM compatible chain.

Obvious wallet supports 17+ chains

Improved dAPP Interactions

You can now easily access and interact with decentralized applications (dAPPs) on the Obvious app.

Connect to Aave using wallet connect

Performance improvements

We have made the app faster and smoother by removing sluggishness through performance and usability improvements. Doing transactions becomes much easier and faster now.

User feedback
User feedback

Upcoming Features

Looking ahead, we have some exciting features in the pipeline that we plan to release in the coming months!

  1. Support for zkEVM, Arbiutrum and BSC chains on smart contract wallets
  2. Revamped activation funnel to get the user to the ‘aha’ with the least effort & time
  3. Revamped referrals: A referral program for inviting like minded friends (and filter our reward hunters)

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