Obvious integrates Wallet Connect 2.0 into its app

27 MAR 2023
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Obvious integrates Wallet Connect 2.0 into its app

Obvious now supports Wallet Connect 2.0 in its app

Support for WalletConnect 2.0, is now integrated into the Obvious app.  v2.0 is the latest iteration of the popular decentralized wallet connection protocol. This integration helps in providing a seamless user experience to Obvious users. 

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that helps establish connections between various crypto wallets and dApps. Obvious uses WalletConnect protocol to connect to other wallets as well as dApps.

Why move to Wallet Connect 2.0?

WalletConnect 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the WalletConnect protocol. v2.0 offers the below advantages over v1.0:

  1. Chain Agnostic interface which supports chains beyond EVM such as Polkadot and Cosmos. The Wallet Connect team uses CAIPs or Chain Agnostic Improvement Proposals to implement this.
  1. Through Wallet Connect 2.0 it would be possible to connect to a dApp on multiple chains simultaneously. The dApp and wallet agree on a list of chains and the allowed methods during session connect.
  1. Sessions and pairings are decoupled in Wallet Connect 2.0. Whenever a QR Code or Deep Link is generated to connect a Dapp and a Wallet it is used to establish a pairing, therefore when a session is expired or terminated it no longer requires clients to pair again if they still have an active pairing.
  1. Previously on v1.0, WalletConnect had an indefinite session lifetime which meant that clients would persist in the session state until one of the clients disconnect. This however introduced a lot of stalled session states. WalletConnect v2.0 has introduced an expiry timestamp for sessions that are currently defaulted to 7 days. 
  1. WalletConnect v2.0 clients track all JSON-RPC requests sent and received with the client, can ignore duplicates, and acknowledge the messages received. 

Migration to Wallet Connect 2.0

Obvious first upgraded its wallet to support WalletConnect 2.0. Till ecosystem migration is completed to 2.0, Obvious will support 1.0 as well. 

How will Multi-chain on WalletConnect 2.0 work?

If the dApp and wallet are not on the same network, dApps ask the wallet to switch chains. With Wallet Connect v2.0, dApps can request the wallet to connect on multiple networks at the same time. 

For Example - Uniswap while connecting can say that they want to connect with Obvious on Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Ethereum. Obvious can accept all or respond back with their list of supported networks. In this case, since Obvious supports all the above chains, the user can interact with Uniswap without switching chains.  The caveat here is that Uniswap should have v2.0 implemented. Currently, the Obvious app is ready to accept multi-chain requests from dApps. WalletConnect has implemented this change by using Chain Agnostic Improvement Proposals (CAIPs).

Current implementation on Obvious app with v2.0

The Obvious app presently supports connections with dApps on both WalletConnect 1.0 and 2.0. When a dApp requests a connection, Obvious checks for a 1.0 or 2.0 request and establishes a connection accordingly. Obvious can connect to dApps using any of the wallets, including a connected wallet. The Obvious wallet currently maintains its connection to other wallets, such as Metamask, using WalletConnect 1.0.

For instance, when a user connects to Uniswap on Obvious, it verifies if Uniswap sent a 2.0 or 1.0 request. The request travels using a 2.0 server to Obvious, which then checks the request's network. If the user is connected to a wallet with a different network, Obvious sends a request to switch networks to the user. After the user approves the network switch, Obvious sends the transaction to MetaMask for signing and acknowledges Uniswap once the transaction is submitted.

In the future, Obvious will support WalletConnect 2.0 in the Obvious-to-MetaMask scenario. This means that Uniswap can request any of the agreed-upon networks during the connection, and Obvious will relay the request to MetaMask without switching chains.

Obvious's integration with WalletConnect 2.0 significantly enhances the user experience for multi-chain wallets while ensuring trust and security.

Download Obvious today and experience the multi-connect wallet experience for yourself.

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