About BASE

Polygon zkEVM is an open-source ZK-Rollup providing frictionless user experience and the security of Ethereum. It is the first zero-knowledge scaling solution that is fully equivalent to an EVM. All existing smart contracts, developer toolings, and wallets work seamlessly. The zkEVM harnesses the power of ZK proofs to reduce transaction cost and massively increase throughput, all while inheriting the security of Ethereum

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Why Obvious?

Unified Dashboard

Obvious offers a single dashboard to view assets across 26 blockchain and exchanges. You can manage and track your assets with just a single seed phrase that connects with all your other wallets across chains.

Image showing a unified dashboard for all
1-Click Transfers

Transfer funds across chains with just a single click. Avoid the hassle of swapping tokens through various protocols and exchanges to send funds.

Image showing how 1 click transfers are possible
Your Keys, Your Crypto

Obvious will never take control of your keys. We enable users to have self custody where only they have access to their obvious wallet which connects across various centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Image showing how Obvious does not take custody of your keys at any point
Privacy at Core

At Obvious, we strongly believe in ownership of one’s own data. We don’t track or sell your data and everything is stored on the chain and mobile device of the user.

Image showing security of Obvious and how it is interlinked

What can you do with zkEVM & Obvious wallet?

  • Send & Receive MATIC easily! Store in your own cold wallet
  • Participate in native zkEVM dApps.
  • Swap MATIC for wETH, BNB, USDC, USDT & other tokens across chains
  • Stake, Invest, and generate yields from your MATIC tokens.
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We cannot wait to have you try Obvious!

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