Product Updates March 2023

13 APR 2023
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Product Updates March 2023

As we move into the second quarter of the year, we have some exciting updates to share with you all. In the first quarter of 2023, we focused on improving our product features based on user feedback and conducting experiments to enhance the overall user experience. In this blog post, we will cover the key feature updates, user feedback, experiments, learnings, collaborations, and upcoming features.

Key Feature Updates

We have released several new features that will make your experience more enjoyable, efficient, and safer. Here are a few notable ones:

Multi Wallet Connect

As we spoke to many of our users we understood that many of them use more than one wallet that they wanted to track and track across all of them together. Thus was born multi wallet connect that allows one to connect multiple wallets together.

Connect to any dApp using Obvious walletconnect

Connect multiple wallet to Obvious

Seedless Recovery

Seedless Recovery based on MPC or Multi-Party computation is a simple cryptographic scheme that involves multiple participants.

With Silence Labs, we have come up with a way of doing this, where we split the user’s seed phrase into three parts which are encrypted and can be stored in 3 different places. To restore your wallet, all you need is 2 out of the 3 parts.

To know more about why do you need it and how does it work, check out here

Backup wallet securely using Obvious

Use seedless recovery with Obvious

Fiat Onramp

Users can now buy crypto with fiat through various payment options, directly into their wallet.

Fund your Obvious smart wallet using various options

Buy crypto using Obvious wallet

Additional currency options

In February 2023, we included a way to view your portfolio in your own currency. This month, we added more currency choices! It's now simpler to monitor the value of your assets and investments.

See portfolio in local currencies with Obvious

Portfolio in local currency with Obvious

Improved dAPP Interactions

You can now easily access and interact with decentralized applications (dAPPs) on the Obvious app.

Connect multiple dApps using Obvious

Connect multiple dApps using Obvious

Obvious dApp connect

Send NFTs

Need more control over your NFTs? Our app now has the feature to send and burn NFTs directly from your mobile app!

The ‘Send NFT’ feature allows you to transfer your NFT to another wallet address, directly from the Obvious app. With this, you can now directly control your digital assets in your wallets from a single app rather than having to use multiple platforms for different use cases.

Check NFT portfolio with Obvious

Burn NFTs

With the ‘Burn NFTs’ feature, you can remove the NFT from your collection which makes it totally inaccessible to everyone. There is usually no cost to burn an NFT, but you will need to pay a gas fee to send your NFT to the burn address.

Check NFT portfolio with Obvious

Transaction Receipts

You can share payment proofs easily with Transaction Receipts. It supports multiple local currencies and NFT transfers as well.

obvious wallet transaction receipt sharing

Added support for ARB token

We added support for the Arbitrum native token ARB that was launched on 23 Mar this year.

Manage portfolio using Obvious app

Boba network support

We added support for the Boba Network which is is an open-source blockchain scaling solution.

Obvious wallet supports 17+ chains

Performance improvements

We have made the app faster and smoother by removing sluggishness through performance and usability improvements. Doing transactions becomes much easier and faster now.

Upcoming Features

Looking ahead, we have some exciting features in the pipeline that we plan to release in the coming months!

  1. Referrals: A referral program for inviting your friends
  2. Messages: Added support for XMTP to enable wallet-to-wallet communication

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