Product Updates for January 2023

10 MAR 2023
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Product Updates for January 2023

Welcome to our product update blog! In this update, we'll be sharing the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes that have been made. Our team has been listening to user feedback and working hard to enhance the user experience. Let's dive into the exciting changes!

Feature Updates:

Address Search Result Enrichment

We've made it easier for you to find addresses by improving the search results. When you search for an address, we'll show you all the relevant results from your wallets, contacts, ENS, and Unstoppable Domains, so you can easily choose the one you need.

address search result enrichment

Obvious not only shows the matching ENS names but also orders them by date created to help you identify the original one from the spoofs.

ens search result

In case the ENS has a PFP, the website or Twitter account associated is displayed as well.  

Auto-add Transacted Addresses into Address Book

We've made it simpler to repeat a transaction by automatically adding the address you transacted with to your address book. This feature also helps protect you from address dusting attacks. 

obvious address book

Transacted addresses are auto-added into the address book and tagged as ‘Transacted’ for ease of access for a repeat transaction and to prevent address dusting attacks.

Support for 16 EVM-compatible blockchains

Obvious now supports 16 EVM-compatible blockchains allowing you to track your portfolio across all of them, and transact with a set of supported tokens. 

obvious supported evm compatible chains

Support for Wallet Connect v2.0

Obvious has added support for the Wallet Connect v2.0 protocol that brings in capabilities such as:

- Chain Agnostic Interface

- Multi-Chain Support

- Pairing & Session Separation

- JSON-RPC Permissions

- Improved Session Management

- Decentralized Message Relaying

To know more about WalletConnect v2.0, check out this blog:

Various Options to Fund Your Wallet

When you create a new wallet with Obvious, you can use different ways to add funds to it to start making web3 transactions.

  • You can connect any other wallet
  • You can import any other wallet
  • You can request a friend to transfer funds to your wallet

various options to fund your wallet

Transaction helpers

You can initiate different types of transactions easily from the transactions menu. In these options - wallets, chains, and tokens are pre-selected or pre-ordered for ease of access.

transaction helpers
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