Best Account Abstraction based Smart contract wallets

13 JUN 2023
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Best Account Abstraction based Smart contract wallets

Smart contract wallets made possible through account abstraction are a new category of wallets. They are like smart contracts on their own and are more flexible, secure and customisable as compared to traditional EOA wallets.

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, smart contract wallets have emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled security and functionality. This blog post aims to introduce you to the top smart contract wallets in the market today, namely Obvious, Argent, Ambire, Avocado, Blocto, and Braavos.

Each one has its own special features, so whether you're a crypto pro or just starting out, you'll find one that fits your needs. Let's dive in and learn more about these wallets!


Obvious is a self-custody smart contract wallet based on account abstraction that brings together assets across EVM chains and powers your cross-chain transactions by giving you safe, fast, and affordable bridging & swapping routes within the app. Obvious creates a Smart Contract based Wallet for you called Smart Wallet. There are a lot of advantages of a Smart Contract over other wallets like improved security, ability to customize wallet, batch transactions and also remove the hassle of managing seed phrases. Smart Wallet is based on the ERC-4337 proposal. Obvious Smart Wallet is currently supported on multiple EVM chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum and Optimism.


Argent is a mobile wallet that simplifies the process of managing digital assets by offering features like seedless recovery, daily transfer limits, and the ability to freeze your wallet if your phone is lost. The wallet aims to provide a banking-like experience while still keeping full control in the hands of the user. It uses smart contract technology for enhanced security and functionality. Argent wallet was one of the first wallets to offer social recovery, letting users recover and backup their wallets using their email ID or social logins. Argent currently supports Ethereum, zkSync and Starknet chains choosing to work with networks who support account abstraction natively within them. Argent also lets users pay gas fees in different tokens and gives a free username to every one creating wallet with them.


Ambire is a non-custodial crypto wallet designed with a focus on DeFi and the EVM ecosystem.

Ambire offers a smooth process for sending and receiving various cryptocurrencies across multiple chains, all under the same wallet address. This cross-chain functionality enhances the versatility of crypto transactions. Additionally, Ambire provides automatic transaction fee management and the option to pay these fees in stablecoins. It supports connection to any dApp through WalletConnect. Ambire also supports 2FA for its wallet users.


Avocado is a smart contract wallet that allows you to perform multi-network transactions while connected to a single network, thus eliminating the need to switch between different networks. It provides a deterministic smart contract, algorithmically linked to your wallet address, created in a non-custodial manner. Transactions from your Avocado wallet maintain the same level of security as direct chain transactions.

Key features of Avocado include Network Abstraction (displaying all balances from all networks in one place), Gas Abstraction (using USDC as the native gas token), and Account Abstraction (providing modularity in design and facilitating various use cases such as authority roles, recovery mechanisms, and enhanced security). Importantly, your address on Avocado remains the same on all the chains, which helps avoid potential issues.


Blocto has multi-chain support for chains like Aptos, Solana, Flow, Polygon, and more. Blocto has introduced BloctoSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is the first DEX on Flow. Blocto is also part of the Aptos ecosystem. Users can swap and store Aptos tokens ($APT) in less than 30 seconds using Blocto.


The Braavos Wallet is a self-custodial wallet that provides an intuitive and secure start in crypto. It is currently available on Starknet and zkSync chains. Users can buy, store, and manage their tokens wherever they are, all through a single app. The wallet also supports the management of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), allowing users to view their NFTs directly from the wallet. Depositing funds into the Braavos Wallet is made easy with options to buy tokens with a credit card or Apple Pay, transfer from a favorite crypto exchange, Ethereum L1, or a different blockchain. It also offers the ability to swap tokens at the best rates directly from the wallet.

There you have it – a roundup of the top smart contract wallets in the crypto world today. Each of these wallets offers unique features and advantages that can make managing and transacting your digital assets easier and more secure.

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