Obvious launches Seedless Recovery in partnership with Silence Laboratories

21 FEB 2023
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Obvious launches Seedless Recovery in partnership with Silence Laboratories

Obvious has always strived to provide the best experience for all its users without compromising on the promise of custody or security. Seed phrase management has been a difficult part of the wallet experience from the start. Security of seed phrases has also been a tedious part for most folks in crypto. Obvious hopes to solve both of these problems using its Seedless Recovery. 

We have joined hands with Silence Laboratories, to leverage secure multi-party computation that enables MPC-based seed-phrase management and wallet backup of your Obvious wallet.

Silence Labs have built a product called Silent Shard — an MPC-based, cyber-physical, proof-leveraging threshold signatures scheme for more usable, secure, and truly decentralized support for digital wallets, exchanges, and institutional asset enterprises. Multi-party computation is a simple cryptographic scheme that involves multiple participants. Here’s Jay Prakash, CEO of Silence laboratories, talking about the collaboration with Obvious, “Silent Shard is designed for both our clients and their end users to have maximum control over their style of custody. Obvious Wallet has always been open about increasing the security of their offering and their integration with Silent Shard is great news for their customers. At Silence Labs, we keep our libraries and SDKs protocol, platform, and stack-agnostic so as to ensure anyone can seamlessly integrate with them, and enjoy the deep encryption of sharding, on the terms of their own Product design. Our collaboration with the team at Obvious is a prime example of that. We’re further researching optimizations on low-compute devices so that it will help us serve customers like Obvious (and their users), better.

Obvious uses the underlying technology built by Silence Labs to split your seed phrases into separate keys in a simple, efficient, and safe manner for all its users.

Said Jebu Ittiachen, CTO of Obvious, on using Silence Labs for their seed phrase management system “We are very excited to launch Seedless Recovery within Obvious Wallet in partnership with Silence Labs. Trusting users to manage these 12-24 words which secure their wallet often leaves them exposed to glaring security risks. MPC has been used in wallets to get rid of this even before, but it introduces a centralised participant in the flow, in addition to being involved in every single transaction. Seedless Recovery is a new take on mixing seed phrases with MPC, which we believe brings the right mix of both worlds to our users. Our deep engagement with Jay and his team at Silence Labs has resulted in this new path forward for securing wallets. Genuinely excited to get this out in the market and look forward to benefiting from the upgrades their team keeps making, to this secure technology

About Silence Laboratories

Silence Laboratories is a deep-tech, authentication-infrastructure provider that offers developer-focused SDKs and libraries, for protocols, wallets, and projects that can be used to embed/build distributed, zero-trust authentication and authorization products, alike. We aim to be a defacto MPC and Proofing product suite for other builders to build on top of. For ease of integration, we are application, protocol, custodian, and stack agnostic, collaboration-friendly, and future-forward.

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About Obvious

Obvious is a self-custody wallet that brings together assets across EVM & non-EVM chains and powers your cross-chain transactions by giving you safe, fast, and affordable bridging & swapping routes within the app.

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