Obvious and Hypersign Join Forces to Implement Decentralized Identity for Crypto Wallets

22 SEP 2022
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Obvious and Hypersign Join Forces to Implement Decentralized Identity for Crypto Wallets

TL; DR Obvious and Hypersign have joined forces to partner, develop and deploy decentralized identity infrastructure to the wallets, including chain names, privacy preserving proofs and more. $HiD and Hypersign associated tokens with compatible wallets to be included into Obvious wallet.

We are happy to announce the inclusion of Hypersign to our list of partners. With this latest partnership, Hypersign’s decentralized identity infrastructure solutions will find a place in Obvious’s multi-chain wallet aggregation application to deliver a secure and superior user experience in a seamless fashion.

Hypersign is an omni-chain decentralized identity infrastructure protocol designed to work with any existing blockchain protocol in the web3 space. While Hypersign delivers reliable, user-friendly Decentralized Identifiers (DiDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), Obvious has set out to make it easier for everyone to manage all their crypto assets across different protocols from a single window.

The blockchain agnostic wallet solution being created by Obvious Technology will be able to support crypto portfolio management, cross-chain transactions, yield discovery, and other DeFi products and services across protocols. By collaborating with Hypersign, Obvious will explore the possibility of implementing decentralized identifiers to enable access and transfer of crypto assets between users. Hypersign and Obvious will join forces to spearhead the research and marketing efforts for mutual benefit.

Hypersign Solutions for Obvious Wallet Ecosystem

A positive outcome of the collaboration between Hypersign and Obvious will have the latter implementing Hypersign Protocol’s DiD Registry to its infrastructure. By doing so, Obvious will allow its users to create their on chain names, aiding easy discovery and transactions in the ecosystem. In addition to the possibility of incorporating decentralized identity for wallet aggregation, Hypersign will also allow Obvious users to generate privacy-preserving proofs from their wallets to share across web3 dApps without disclosing wallet information, an ideal use case for NFT Gating.

Meanwhile, the Obvious unified wallet infrastructure solution will be extending support to the Hypersign ecosystem by including $HiD and other related crypto assets along with their wallets to its portfolio. With Hypersign integrated into Obvious, $HiD holders and Hypersign community members will be able to have an aggregated view of the wallets which will prove handy while making investment decisions.

About HyperSign

Hypersign is a Decentralized Network purpose-built for Self-Sovereign Identity use cases and related applications. Its objective is to facilitate SSI adoption in the real world and help people take back control of their personal data.

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About Obvious Technology

Obvious Technology is a web3 solutions ecosystem that breaks the barriers between blockchain protocols to create an interoperable web3 world. Starting with the Obvious Wallet that enables seamless management of assets across blockchain, the project envisions a chain agnostic future where users need not be concerned about different blockchain protocols and tokens native to particular chains while executing transactions.

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