How to deposit USDC into Obvious Money?

05 MAR 2024
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How to deposit USDC into Obvious Money?

This guide will assist you in moving USDC from CEXes and wallets on various blockchains into Obvious Money.


Obvious Money allows you to deposit USDC fund via 2 modes:


Other users of Obvious Money can send funds to you by using your phone number. Just like anyone with whatsapp can send you messages via whatsapp. All they have to do is add you number to their phone contacts and choose the Phone number option to send you funds. You can find your phone number in the receive screen as well as your account details under settings.

deposit USDC via phone

Crypto address

You can deposit USDC into Obvious Money via the wallet address associated with your Obvious Money account. To do this please navigate to the Receive screen and select crypto.

Please note that Obvious Money will only accept native USDC on the Base blockchain. So please go ahead and check the two boxes once you read them and understood them.

deposit USDC via crypto address


Any other form of USDC like USDC.e (bridged USDC) or USDbC (USD base coin) etc will not be accepted. Sending any of such unsupported tokens will result in loss of funds and they cannot be recovered.


Similarly USDC is only accepted on the base blockchain. Funds send to this address on any other blockchain will result in total loss of funds and cannot be recovered.

Depositing USDC to the crypto address

You can deposit USDC to the Obvious Money crypto address from either:

Centralised Exchanges - Direct Withdrawal to Base

If your centralised exchange allows direct withdrawal of USDC into Base you can go ahead and withdraw USDC to Base by using your Obvious Money crytpo wallet address.  Steps to get the Obvious Money crypto wallet address can be seen in the previous section. <link to Crypto address section here>

Centralised Exchanges - Indirect Withdrawal to Base via Polygon/Arbitrum/Optimism/Solana

If your centralised exchange doesn’t provide an option to directy withdraw USDC into Base blockchain you can opt to withdraw the USDC to your Polygon/Arbitrum/Optimism/Solana crypto wallet address instead. And once you have the USDC on polygon you can then bridge it to Base using one of the options below.

Bridging USDC to Base from other blockchains

You can bridge USDC from other blockchains to Base from your crypto wallet to Obvious Money account via :


Follow the link below to bridge USDC from your crypto wallet to your Obvious Money account by using the link below and following the steps called out:

1. From EVM compatible chains - Polygon / Arbitrum / Optimism / BSC / Avalanche  etc


2. From Solana


Step 1: Connect your crypto wallet (like Metamask, Trust, Safepal, Phantom, Backpack etc..)

Step 2: Enter the amount of USDC you want to transfer

Enter the amount you want to transfer under You pay ….

Step 3: Enter your Obvious Money wallet address

Enter your Obvious Money crytpo wallet address.  Steps to get the Obvious Money crypto wallet address can be seen in the previous section. <link to Crypto address section here>

Step 4: Review the bridge transaction

Step 5: Initiate the USDC bridge from your Solana wallet to  your Obvious Money wallet address on Base

Bridging USDC to Base using Obvious Wallet

Obvious Wallet makes it very easy for you to bridge USDC from a few popular EVM compatible chains like Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalache, BSC to Base.

If you do not have the Obvious Wallet you can download the Obvious Wallet from:

  1. Obvious website: https://obvious.technology
  2. App Store: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/obvious-smart-wallet/id1643088398
  3. Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hashhalli.obvious

Depositing USDC to Obvious Wallet

Use the Fund wallet option to deposit USDC into your Obvious Wallet.

Bridge USDC to Obvious Money Account from another chain to Base using Obvious Wallet

If you already have USDC on any of the supported chains you can bridge it over to Obvious Money address on Base using the Bridge option.

If you other assets you can use the Cross chain swap option to swap it to USDC and bridge it to Obvious Money address on Base.

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