A wallet that will scale blockchain. Obvious wallet will solve for bad UX on-chain

2 AUG 2022
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A wallet that will scale blockchain. Obvious wallet will solve for bad UX on-chain


At Obvious, we are in pursuit of building an app which puts the user in control. We are obsessed about making technology work for the user by abstracting away all the inner workings of blockchains.

We do the hard work of handling the multi-chain madness, so you don’t have to worry about using the right chain id for transfers or the number of bytes in the address for the recipient or what that mangled set of hex characters that you are signing could possibly do to your assets on-chain.

We’re taking this opportunity to immensely simplify the user perception of web3 by providing

  • A app which gives the users an address on all the chains
  • Seamlessly bridges value from one chain to another
  • Swaps tokens across the chains
  • Presents a unified portfolio across wallets and chains
  • Integrates with centralised exchanges to show assets held on various exchanges along with their on-chain assets
  • Allow movement of assets from centralised exchanges to the self-custody on-chain wallet in a similar fashion to bridging across chains

To achieve this, our product & strategy is rooted in the following guiding principles

  • Apply the lens of a user, rather than technology
  • Optimising the experience for all the user segments
  • Users & developers should not be burdened with the weight of cross-chain constructs

Sounds so obvious, right?

Our Ethos

We, at Obvious have internalised three things:

Interoperability — We believe that web3 platforms being decentralised isn’t good enough, they need to interoperate to allow a seamless flow and interaction of not just liquidity, but identity, communities, and much more.

Privacy preserving — Privacy preservation can’t be an afterthought and needs to be built into the fabric of everything that all our solutions offer. We will neither ask nor log anything beyond what’s on-chain. We will not log identity, location or anything that is personally identifiable information.

Open source — We strongly believe in contributing to as well as leveraging the collective intellect of the web3 community towards building our solutions.

Obvious empowers you to break the shackles of isolated chain ecosystems and experience the interoperable web3 world. We would love to have you on this journey. So come along and talk to us. We are incredibly excited about this piece of technology and looking forward to being your Obvious choice. Join the waitlist today!

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