How to convert USDT to your local currency

9 AUG 2022
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How to convert USDT to your local currency


We’re here to help you out and find a way for you to legally convert your USDT in your wallet to your local currency in your bank account.

To do this, all you have to do is — follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign up on your local crypto exchange
  2. Head to your wallet/portfolio section in your exchange account
  3. Select deposit and choose the crypto asset you want to transfer from your non-custodial wallet (MetaMask, TrustWallet, Kepler).
  4. Select the chain on which you have USDT in your wallet (Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Tezos) and copy the wallet address (Destination)
  5. Now, head to your non-custodial (Source) and click on send button, and fill in the destination address you copied in step 4.
  6. Make sure you have the required tokens to pay for the transaction fees
  7. Hit the ‘Confirm’ button and voila!
  8. You just transferred your crypto assets from your non-custodial wallet to your exchange account
  9. Once the funds are successfully transferred to your exchange account, you can convert them to your choice of local currency and withdraw them to your bank account.

Finally, we do concede that transferring crypto tokens from your wallet to an exchange account and withdrawing them to your bank account in your local currency is a fairly long and tricky process.

To solve this problem, we’re building a unified liquidity layer — Obvious. With Obvious, you’ll be able to connect all your wallets and exchange accounts on a single dashboard and move funds with a single click. A seamless, simple, and smooth experience for everyone to move funds across chains and exchanges.

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