Bridging Process for Arbitrum to Polygon

Bridging let's you take ETH or any other token from Arbitrum network to Polygon network and use it natively in the new ecosystem of Polygon Chain. Obvious offers the most intuitive and seamless bridging experience allowing you to select the bridge as per your requirements. Be it the time, cost, or token — all within Obvious app. Obvious Smart contract wallet with the help of account abstraction also lets you pay gas fees in a token of your choice like USDC, USDT, DAI and wETH. Additionally, you can perform complex swaps with just a single click, reducing the time taken for swapping or bridging by more than 50%. Users from USA, Nigeria, Phillipines and 100 other countries use Obvious for bridging or swapping their tokens.

Bridge Arbitrum to Polygon


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Multi-chain wallet

Manage your funds across different chains either natively on Obvious, or by connecting your existing wallets to Obvious!

Obvious Technology is present across all chains
On or Off Chain

Obvious is your Bifrost Bridge between different exchanges, wallets and chains. Now move your funds across accounts whether they are on-chain or off-chain.

Obvious Technology helps manage liquidity across chains and exchanges
Get organised

Obvious allows you to curate wallets into packs. Using Obvious, set up different packs and easily set boundaries between your wallets and use them for specific purposes. Be it your primary wallet, burner wallet, hardware wallet or an exchange account.

Obvious Technology helps in managing and organizing all wallets
On the go

Gone are the days when web3 was limited to desktop only. Obvious takes a mobile first approach enabling web3 on the go. Now interact with web3 applications from all your devices be it your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Obvious Technology helps manage liquidity across chains and exchanges

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