Best Smart Contract wallet for Arbitrum

Smart contract wallets are an upgraded version of your traditional crypto wallet. With Obvious Smart wallet you can pay gas fees on the Arbitrum chain with USDC, USDT, DAI, wETH, and other ERC-20 tokens of your choice instead of paying gas fees with ETH on Arbitrum.

In addition to this, you can bridge, swap, and send your tokens across chains with just a single click from the Obvious app. Users from Kenya, UK, USA, Germany, Nigeria, and 100 more countries love Obvious Smart wallet for the Arbitrum network. Download Obvious wallet to get started on your smart wallet journey!

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What is a Smart Contract wallet?

Smart contract wallets are made possible through a technology called account abstraction on Arbitrum. Smart contract wallets, popularly called Smart wallets are controlled through smart contracts instead of a key pair. Because of this, smart wallets are a lot more customizable and provide far greater benefits than traditional wallets. Some networks have account abstraction built into their networks such as zkSync and Starknet, however, on Arbitrum, this was made possible through the EIP - 4337 proposal.

Advantages of Smart Contract wallet

  • Pay gas fees in a token of your choice
  • Enhanced security via 2FA and spending limits.
  • Seedless wallet creation.
  • Ability to batch multiple transactions.
  • Ability to setup automation on the wallet based on some conditions.
  • Smart wallets also help in setting up inheritance for the wallets.

Why use the Obvious Smart contract wallet on the Arbitrum chain?

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Pay gas fees in an ERC-20 token of your choice instead of paying gas fees in ETH token on Arbitrum.

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Approve and sign transactions together instead of approving them individually while performing complex transactions such as bridging and swapping.

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Stake, Invest, and generate yields from your tokens on Arbitrum or any other token by connecting to your favorite dApps using WalletConnect.

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Send, Receive, bridge, or swap your tokens on Arbitrum or any other ERC-20 token on the Arbitrum network seamlessly with just one click.

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Set up spending limits and 2-factor authentication for additional security on your smart contract wallet.

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Connect to any app on the Arbitrum network using your Obvious smart wallet.

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With Seedless recovery on Obvious smart wallet, you never have to worry about remembering your seedphrases.