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We grew tired of traditional banking—it barely works. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Utilising blockchain and stablecoins, we're redefining how you interact with your money.

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Building on Blockchain

We are building on blockchain to provide easy access of money to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Blockchain is permissionless, fast and secure.

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Store, Save and Spend US dollars with ease

US dollar account that gives you up to 5.5% interest on your savings, lets you do ACH transfers while you securely hold your digital dollars using Obvious Money

Store, swap and track hundreds of cryptocurrencies

Best multi-chain account abstraction-based smart contract crypto wallet for Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Celo, Polygon zkEVM, and many other chains.

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For apps that want to onboard users to web3

Integrate Obvious Smart wallet in your app in just 5 minutes and a few lines of code. Simple interface for users to interact with their cryptocurrencies.

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Extensive experience of working products used by billions of folks around the world

Obvious co-founder - Himanshu


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Obvious co-founder - Jebu


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Obvious co-founder - Pradeep


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safe and secure

Never lose custody of funds!

We're committed to creating more economic freedom without compromising the safety of your funds. We place emphasis on building every product with a focus on self-custody. Your funds should be controlled and managed only by you and no one else, including us.