What is Obvious?

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Obvious is a self-custody wallet that brings together assets across EVM chains and powers your cross-chain transactions by giving you safe, fast, and affordable bridging & swapping routes within the app.

Who are the team members behind Obvious?

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Obvious is being built by a team that has deep crypto experience. The three founders together have 25+ years of experience in building consumer-focused applications pan Asia. Together the team has seen 1 billion-plus app downloads.

Where is Obvious incorporated?

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Obvious is incorporated in Delaware, USA, and has presence in Bangalore and Dubai.

In which countries does Obvious operate?

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Users in more than 65+ countries trust Obvious as their choice of self-custody wallet.

How can I download Obvious?

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Obvious is live on the app store and play store in all countries and across all devices. If for some reason, you cannot download the Obvious app do let us know.

What are verified / unverified tokens?

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Tokens listed on CoinGecko are labelled verified while all others are labelled unverified.

What's obviousdemo.eth? Why do I see it in my Obvious app ?

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Obviousdemo.eth is a test read only wallet present by default in your Obvious app. You can remove this wallet by going to More --> Wallets --> Click on Obviousdemo.eth and remove from there.