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Pay for Coffeeusing crypto in seconds

100% Self-custody
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Upto 2% cashback
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Zero transaction fees
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Accepted globally
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Obvious card in their handObvious card in their hand
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Security shield with lock and key


Obvious card is one of the few cards backed by a self-custody wallet. You have complete control over your funds while you are spending them

Upto 2% cashback

For all your spending, earn up to 2% cashback on a token of your choice

Obvious card - 2% cashback
Obvious crypto card has spending limit

Card for everyday needs

Set & manage daily/monthly spending limits on the card as you spend for your everyday needs

Zero transaction fees

Pay zero transaction fees on any transaction done domestically for any purchase with Obvious card

0 fees charged by Obvious card domestically

Lifetime free. No joining fee. No annual charges.

Meet the team

Himanshu Retarekar, CEO Obvious



Pradeep BV, CPO and community



Jebu Ittiachen, CTO